Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Film: Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Release Date: 30th March 2007
Director: Steve Bendelack 
Rating: PG
Universal Pictures 

Mr. Bean goes to France. Everything goes wrong, then everything goes right. Laugh a few times, cringe a few others, then be surprised at the pretty good climax. Ten years after the first film he’s back to act the idiot for our pleasure once more. Though this was four years ago, he isn’t back now. And where was Teddy?!

France creates a very different setting to America of the first film and Mr. Bean’s trip takes him all over as everything goes wrong. He causes a  father to miss his stop and his kid does the same to Bean. After the slight conflict between the two, they quickly team up with the aim of getting to Cannes and finding the father. The journey begins and due to Mr. Bean’s ineptness the simple task of travel becomes a chore. Though the predicaments and Bean’s solutions are what provide the comedic moments of the film.

It’s funny too, though in a simplistic way. We have chicken chases, eating foreign food, getting stuck in a box, pretending to play or sing music and making silly faces. Mr. Bean’s silly faces are a bit rubbish, but the rest raises smiles. The jokes help move the journey and it all feels like one of those indie road trip movies, but with a creepy child like man. I don’t remember Mr. Bean being such a creep as he prances around and tries to make the child character laugh, but by the end all those thoughts wash away thanks to a rather cool climax when everything in the film slots together for one final gag.

The film is amusing and light hearted, a film anyone can enjoy thanks to the simple jokes and lack of dialogue. It might be a little annoying or predictable at times, but its a nice sunny film to brighten up the day. Emma de Caunes is something else too, her beauty really kept me entranced when the jokes weren’t quite hitting the mark.


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