April Showers 2011

The last egg was eaten and April faded out. Only a few showers, summer had come early.

The month, for me, was trying to handle the way my mind worked. Before it was one of  anxious chaos, driving me down into a heap each and every day. Then things balanced out, the world grew tiresome. Yet at the same time a balance was found and things began to piece together. I don’t care that you let me down or things didn’t work that way. I did care, but it didn’t hit me like usual. As I was adapting I felt maybe I can make some significant and constructive changes. Then it all fell flat at the end of the month when I ran out of my magic. Bloody Bank Holidays.

The awareness of work was creeping in too. 2500 word short story, 30 page short film script, 30 page comic script with 200 word commentary, 1500 word essay. Lots of words. One down with some changes, the rest in progress or awaiting activation. I formulated a plan though, short story first, then comic, script, essay with a few days left for grammar checks and tweaking to make them workable. At the minute it seems doable, but I’ll see how far I’ve gone by Monday.

Outside of work and emotions, the month was packed with events. Thank the sun for that one. Hopefully next month I’ll quickly get back to how I was doing during the course of this month, get the work out the way and prepare for a productive summer. Guitars, stories and adventure. And forget.


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