Black Dynamite

Film: Black Dynamite
Release Date: 16th October 2009
Director: Scott Sanders 
Rating: 15
Ars Nova 

Dynamite, Dynamite! The ultimate jive talking badass mofo is in town ready to kick some ass! Can you dig it?

Black Dynamite is a film from the 70’s made in the 00’s. Taking the picture quality, jazz soundtracks and over the top comical acting, Black Dynamite is the ultimate parody movie. The man himself is the perfect specimen, having super strength, respect, women and a lot of enemies. He sets out to get revenge on whoever killed his little brother, while taking the drugs off the street and from the orphanage. Not the orphans! Every cliché is in place and it enjoys poking fun at them with the daft story, goof ups and cheap special effects. It can be very messy as scenes switch quickly and the story becomes too random to make sense, it’s the weakest point of the film as it feels like a random set of clips spliced together to pop fun at movies of old. Some of the side characters don’t leave much of an impression either, Black Dynamite takes the centre stage all the time. Thankfully it’s funny and the soundtrack is excellent.

It is not a film to take seriously then, and as a comedy it hits all the right notes. The slap stick action is slick, the randomness of men in pancake costumes and a martial arts island is hilarious, the cheap special effects add charm and Black Dynamite is a character worthy of multiple sequels. Like Bond, but cooler. It is also self-aware that it’s a parody, occasionally breaking the fourth wall. One of my favourite scenes is when one of Black Dynamite’s friends talks about getting home to see his wife and kid with a result everyone can predict. ‘Who didn’t see that coming? I mean where did that come from?’ The sinister drug revealed around two-thirds in is also incredibly shocking and hilarious, a fate no man could possibly want.

In a sense Black Dynamite is the ultimate 70’s movie made in the last few years. It’s respectful of the films as it lavishes being one and the silly story, jokes compliment the over the top action and cool cat characters. Not everyone may jump on the parody bandwagon, but Black Dynamite is an excellent action film in its own right. Sloppy scene switching and sometimes being a bit too crazy may hamper the overall quality, but this is the best 70’s film in a long time. Since the 70’s then. Dynamite, Dynamite!


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