Back To The Future Trilogy

Film: Back To The Future Trilogy
Release Date: 25th October 2010 (25th Anniversary Edition)
Director: Robert Zemeckis 
Rating: PG

Back To The Future turned 25 last year, the box set released to the time Doc planned on travelling to. Before my time though TV re-runs as a child made a fan of us all. Time travel in a DeLorean, Marty McFly being one cool guy and the Doc, a zany one, brought forth a set of classics. Clever plotting across the three films, optimism and the feel of adventure! Three films with a few words a piece I go. Writing at 88mph with the power of 1.21 gigawatts. What the heck is a gigawatt?

Back To The Future (3rd July 1985)

The start. Doc makes a time machine car which Marty ends up using to go back in time to 1955. Here he messes up his future timeline by preventing his father from meeting his mother. Teaming up with the Doc of the past, McFly must get them together before the lightning strike, the source of power which is the only way to get him home. His Mum in love with him, a Dad with no confidence and a bully set to cause problems, the first film has it all. Heavy.

Back To The Future Part II (22nd November 1989)

Everything sorted in the past, now the future is the problem! 2015 sure promises a lot, hoverboards, flying cars, clothes with built-in dryers and games without using the hands! Four years to go! Baddy Griff from the first film causes problems once more stealing the DeLorean and McFly and the Doc must return to 1955. Clever use of old scenes and an exciting finale. lots of cowboy references ready for the third.

Back To The Future Part III (25th May 1990)

The last film goes to an era everyone dreams of, the Western! Clint Eastwood references abound cause those knowing smiles, though the Doc’s love interest is a bit annoying. McFly and the Doc are meant to travel the world together, don’t think about love! At least that leads to one of the best scenes in the whole trilogy, the Doc just can’t handle his drink. Features a plot point that causes a lot of trouble for the mind. The Doc ended up back in the West with a DeLorean which McFly uses in 1955 to go and save him. Thus the West now has two of the time travelling cars. With one broke there is the idea they could have used the other. Of course causing time paradoxes mean they couldn’t, but they could have brought it up as a possibility rather than ignoring that second car completely. It hurt my head. Great scott!

The trilogy has stood the test of time certainly thanks to the tight plot, great characters and design. With family films veering towards Cgi animals, it may be a long time before we see something quite like it. Going Back To The Future is the best way to experience an exciting adventure for all. It does make me feel a little melancholy when re-watching them though, seeing Micheal J Fox then and now is quite something. I also get the feeling in the last film too, knowing it’s all going to end. What’s that? A Back To The Future game has come out this year? Guess it is time to go back to the future.


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