Bleach Volume 33: THE BAD JOKE

Bleach Volume 33: THE BAD JOKE
Story and Art: Tite Kubo
Release Date: 4th April 2008
Covers Chapters 287-295
Shonen Jump /Viz Media

Ichigo and Grimmjow ended last time and then another fight for our ginger haired hero began! Will he get any rest in Hueco Mundo? It’s been a long day so far, but the day is nowhere near the end! Fight!

After a focussed fight in volume 32, we have two fights running at the same time here. Ichigo tries to fight lanky Espada Nnoitora while protecting Inoue and Nel while Ishida and Renji carry on their struggle against psycho Espada scientist. Szayelaporro. Names which roll of the tongue. The two fights are both gigantic struggles with the enemy dominating. Nnoitora has his thick skin and brute strength while Szayelaporro settles for clones and voodoo dolls. Smashy and Sick all in one volume! Watching Nnoitoro dominate is almost painful to see, but not as much as Szayelaporro’s boring clone fight. Thankfully both fights drastically improve by the end of the volume.

This is thanks to new powers and recovered characters. We finally learn the truth about baby hollow girl Nel, who happens to be a busty babe with super strength and Szayelaporro decides to play with his toys, some sick torture awaits. Nel is certainly a pleasant surprise and it gives sense to the comedy trip who have been tagging along this arc though things which make less sense is this volumes back story regarding Nel and Nnoitorro. I was under the impression that these super strong Espada with numbered ranks were formed by evil master baddie Aizen, though it seems a lot of time has passed with these characters and their lives. Explaining what Aizen’s magic box, the hogyoku, did for the world of hollows would have helped clear things up. For now I just think Aizen stormed in and used the hogyoku as a valuable decoration. He did make that kid though, what was his name again? Been so long since we last saw him.

Volume 33 is another success then. The fights have dull starting points, but once things get going they really get going. Just hope the good guys can get out of this prickly situation!


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