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Happy birthday blog, I didn’t buy you a card though. Two years today I began on WordPress and everything is still going strong! Many times in the last year I’ve thought of stopping, but then just as I’m about to someone tells me how they enjoyed that review or that feature. The desire comes back and I made it to the second year. People still reading after so long and having to put up with so much nonsense are what keeps the place alive. Year two may have been a safer year than year one, but let’s look at what went on.

May 2010

May, much like this now, was a time of deadlines and moving out. Content kept pouring out though, mainly poems and game reviews. From stress to nothing to do it seems. I also made a short story with added pictures. My amazing art reduced one man to tears. Tears which caused him to completely redo all my work in fancy 3D. My first outsourced remake. Growing up so fast.

I also seemed pretty insistent on changing the blog into something fresh and new. Didn’t really happen did it? But people feel safe with the familiar. Poems, short stories and pictures with reviews in between. A bit like Quality Street you get a bit of everything, but the best stuff is so few in the tin!

Highlight of the month: Knock Knock: The Long Awaited Remake:

June 2010

June was the month I lost the internet. Updates were rare and it looked like the lack of being able to post was going to be the death of it all! I missed out on E3 because of this which went down a storm in the first year and spent most of my time just enjoying the lack of power and injecting myself with entertainment. When it returned it saw a mega 11 entry update in one day! I have this OCD which has to keep everything up to date, one a day + in total always! I also went through every past entry and fixed up errors and added tags so you had to click ‘read more’ to go on. Fingers bled that day. 

Highlight of the month: A review of The Passage before it was released in shops!:

July 2010

July saw the return of Joe Ray Cooks! With a new handy cooking guide on hand I was able to make such magnificent meals. Macaroni and cheese, cottage pie, fancy cheese on toast (Welsh rarebit) and a yogurt drink. I would have gone even further and become a master cook, but the kitchen at uni is the most disgusting place to cook. Not guilty, I was my plates! Maybe I’ll get more cooking done over summer.

In other news business was as usual for summer goings. Lots of free time so lots of reviews to write. Movies, games, books, sheep day! I hope to attend sheep day this summer, best event in the world. Though Skipton is surprisingly boring. I remembered it for the great castle and the place I got my first Lego set. Now it just looks like St. Annes at the sea. Brr.

Highlight of the month: cottage pie:

August 2010

Holiday! Yay! Nose operations! Eww. Things were very busy this month so it was tough to keep things up to date, but I managed! The holiday opened up some really interesting things to write about, mainly an abandoned hotel, a roughed up place a dead guy was found. Bit of urban adventuring right there.

Then I had a nose operation which basically had me stuck on my chair or in bed for three weeks. So not much happened but the feeling of constant dripping and wooziness. Lots of reviews too, always easy to write when you have a bloody nose.

Highlight of the month: Majorca:

September 2010

Back to uni time usually brings some more inspiration to the writing front. And looking back it certainly seems to have. Seeing almost a page full of short stories and other creative writing makes me think of why I set up the blog and for a minute things are good. Stories of magic memory giving suits, being stuck around people, giraffes rolling down hills, awaiting messages in the rain, moving forwards, sugar addiction and KFC pony. Better than being shouted at by everyone because I thought the Scott Pilgrim film was rubbish. It is.

And I learnt origami. I was going to do a ‘How To’ guide but then I forgot. How do I frog it again? Hmm, I can do a mean paper airplane still. Maybe I need to return to the master and learn once more. Beat it into me!

Highlight of the month: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

October 2010

Blackpool made for an adventure of the month. I hadn’t been in years and still had the vision it was the fun-filled, candy floss place it was when I was a kid. And despite being able to see the creaks, creepy men trying to pull you in to win big, fortune tellers charing a fortune and the paint peeling off the once colourful place, it was still great fun. Bit tacky mind.

What wasn’t fun was St Annes By The Sea, one of the most depressingly boring places I’ve ever visited. It shocked my soul so much I had to separate it from the Blackpool adventure and let the world know where the old go. I also started my photography arc this month with gray skies, egged cars, paper brick walls and broken chairs. Tate.

Highlight of the month: Blackpool:

November 2010

Content full this month. Gorillaz concert, laser quest reports, Welsh trips, lots of broken things to add to last months chair and what the other side of the Mersey looks like. No one knew till my exclusive report. A dreary place with some nice rocks.

It seemed the blog was receiving a great deal of variety all of a sudden and I’d say it was one of the more complete feeling months regarding content and my satisfaction. Good moods make good things. But enough with the breaking already! They were my favourite glasses and that bed, well I was sleeping on the floor for months after.

Highlight of the month: Gregynog The Sequel:

December 2010

Christmas month last time brought rankings on how Christmassy things were and red text. This year I ditched all that as I ended up removing it all when I was trying to make my blog look a little neater. Boo! So my Christmas rank would be for December 2010: ‘An advent calendar, a tree, some now and a plant is a bit festive, but otherwise I don’t associate the gore porn Audition as Christmassy. Bonus points for Santa coke cans though.’ So not too well, should have used red text.

Still the top five rankings came back for the New Year build up, but no blue text. Why did I use different text colours back then? What has blue got to do with New Year? And that red could have easily been mistaken for blood, especially with House of The Dead Overkill appearing in my entries back in 09. 10 was a much more casual affair. Still there was some great snow wasn’t there?

Highlight of the month:  Top five games:

Top five films:

Top five music:

January 2011

 Getting back into swings in 2010. I wish I could just sit and let myself swing all day long without kids and parents looking at me with anger across their faces. I just want to swing! Why can’t there be adult swings! Oh swingers, sounds good… wait that’s not the swings I wanted! Swinging into things I huddled up in my warm room away from the cold and talked about comics and films a lot.

Only escapism seemed to make it into the blog this month, I kept the reality outside in the cold. And it was very cold, I didn’t slip on the ice.

Highlight of the month: 2010:

February 2011

Low moods bring low months. That was February and my mood crept into the post content. Managing to keep up to date was something else for sure. Cowboys improved the mood a little though so things started to rise after a few outbursts and insanity. The first month I seriously considered dropping the blog completely. Late nights and the hand hovered over the delete button. Something stopped me though I can’t be sure what it was.

Still reviews trickled out because they are easy no matter the mood and a few moody poems. Everyone has bad months. Or two.

Highlight of the month:  True Grit old and new:

March 2011

 Things improved a little this month. It was a bit like a bungee, bouncing up and down attempting not to throw up. Bleurgh. Sorry, a little came out. The hype of the new Nintendo console, the 3DS, was one thing worth writing about with events, launches and the console itself to look at. I had a lot of pictures taken at that 3DS launch event. They never surfaced…

Also started on some pills this month in hopes to balance things out. Having them for breakfast each morning seems to have fixed a lot, just need to remember never to run out of them again. Bungee drop! *vomit*

Highlight of the month: 3DS Launch:

April 2011

Upcoming deadlines and dealing with medication saw fluctuation all over the shop this month. It was another month I genuinely thought of quitting here all together. Things grew out of date and pictures of cats seemed like easy ways to fill the pages. Everyone loves cats though. I missed out on April Fools though! What a disaster, I’ll have to save the best prank in the world till next year. Maybe.

Some Stats!

Views in one year: 127,461
Busiest day: June 18th 2010 (828)
Posts: 870
Comments: 261
Tags: 2,836
Busiest Month: June 2010 (18, 211)
Quietest Month: May 2009 (118)
Most Posts: Games (140)
Least Posts: Super Sane Trace Hickens (4)

Two years down, the third phase begins. Will it last another year? As long as you keep reading it will! Maybe with balance and a long summer ahead I can think about those long thought about ideas…


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