One Piece Volume 47: Cloudy, Partly Bony

One Piece Volume 47: Cloudy, Partly Bony 
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th September 2007
Covers Chapters 450-459
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

The night hunt is on in Thriller Bark! Can the straw hat pirates survive the night without their shadows being stolen? And will Brook retrieve his? Enter volume 57.

Avoiding capture is the way to save yourself here, but unfortunately for the straw hats, numbers are strong. The zombies range from normal to huge animals to things in armour. Add the fact they are immortal and you have a tough fight on your hands. As some of the straw hats go missing and lose their shadows, a case of threat is masterfully created. You don’t die when you lose your shadow, but instead must survive without facing sunlight again. The shadow is then placed into a corpse which is reanimated acting the same way as the shadow’s owner. It’s a nice idea and Gecko Moria makes for a promising if slightly odd-looking villain. My, what a long neck you have! Like all One Piece character designs though, he sticks in the mind and his shadow stealing powers make for a good story.

The volume is a case of the good guys getting beaten. The zombies know the island well and have tactics for stealing even the strongest characters away to Moria. Nami, Usopp and Chopper continue their spying mission as they see the strongest corpse come to life from the strongest shadow of the crew. That’s right Luffy quickly gets captured along with Sanji and Zolo. The strongest three with their shadows all taken! The strongest corpse which Luffy’s shadow infests is a terrifying design, though the awakening leads to comedic results.

While the good guys are getting battered by the zombie hordes (with animal parts randomly stuck on , making for some disgusting looking characters) the humour still stays strong. Invisible pervert Absalom  has to fend off a giant zombie warthog in love, Luffy tries on armour and Brook cracks jokes while he tells the tale of him and the zombies weakness. Brook’s resolve is strong and with a past story cleverly tying in with a character we’ve seen before, his role in the story becomes clear. What a great guy he is for a skeleton.

The volume ends with a cliffhanger of the straw hats sans Nami, who has been kidnapped by Absalom so he can marry her, the crew set off ready to get their shadows back. Things were frantic, shocking and funny, but things are just about to explode!


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