In Bruges

Film: In Bruges
Release Date: 17th January 2008
Director: Martin McDonagh 
Rating: 18
Film Four

In Bruges is a pleasant little place. Quaint Belgium town with castles and churches to look at and a place in which they film midgets. Put the place on the map. Two hit men take a trip via orders from their boss and the dark twisted comedy unravels.

The story is of two hit men travelling to Bruges. They’ve recently pulled off a hit and are there to lay low and receive their next job. In Bruges is a nice place for senior Ken (Brendan Gleeson) though a rather boring state of events for rookie Ray (Colin Farrell). Unfortunately the vacation quickly becomes a mission for Ken to off Ray due to his failure in a mission which involved him accidentally shooting a child. Grim. The two make the perfect partners though.The art appreciating and glum, hard done by look of Ken next to the child like yet problematic Ray. It makes perfect comedy as the two argue and spend time together in Bruges.

In Bruges masters the darkness of the human mind and brings out emotions and comedy from it as it sees fit. One minute it could be cracking a joke about filming midgets, the next it will show hit man Ray breaking down over his mistake of shooting a kid on his first hit. With the sombre music and the almost dreamy setting, everything falls together to create a perfect thriller with laughs and poignancy throughout. Everything clicks together and when things are getting too low, some dark comedic moment trifles through with the soft, haunting music.

In Bruges starts a little slow, but as it picks up the pace it becomes one of the more unique and interesting thrillers about. Laugh out loud funny and constantly morbid. Action ramps up in the final third as we see the boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes), who is an angry, yet amusing man. ‘You’re an inanimate fucking object!’ Quite. I love how he acts like a mate around his enemies and this all leads to a startling conclusion, Hit men, midgets, romance, shooting wrapped in a fairy tale type atmosphere, what more could you want. It’s like being in a dream and not waking up,


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