Psychoville Series 2 Episode 2

Psychoville Series 2 Episode 2
Thursdays 10 p.m.
Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton 

This week Psychoville lets us see how the dwarf, Robert, is doing and David and Maureen’s dinner party, which features peanuts and party games. Be prepared for what awaits in episode 2.

Week 2 doesn’t have much progress in terms of plot advancements apart from Robert and the locket. He has managed to escape the house in the woods and has met up with his friend and long time crush Debbie of the theatre productions and passes the locket onto her. With the locket moving hands this will no doubt cause some further problems for everyone to look forward too. The next significant part of the episode is dinner with Maureen and David who plan to kill Robin, using his nut allergy to their advantage. Things don’t go down quite as expecting, and a drunk Maureen provides one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen on television. The moment it was revealed I was in tears of laughter, a day later and I’m still giggling now. Genius, creepy genius.

Outside of these two main events, the story slowly moves along for everyone else. Mr. Jelly does some party tricks in a pub before getting another call on Jolly’s phone, Hattie goes through with the marriage, the librarian still hasn’t got back the Coastal Walks book and Lomax is talking about an old friend Hancock with great spite. These scenes are entertaining though they don’t take centre stage this week, seeing them unfold is what the rest of the series is there for. Another shock cliffhanger and we can only guess what conclusions the characters will face.

Episode 2 brings us up to date with the locket and provides one of the most hilarious scenes which will stick with the mind for months. The other characters roles this week might not be as important or as funny as last week, but everything is rolling at a nice pace. I already feel this will surpass series one and maybe even The League of Gentlemen.


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