The Outlaw Josey Wales

Film: The Outlaw Josey Wales 
Release Date: 30th June 1976
Director: Clint Eastwood 
Rating: 18
Warner Bros. 

The Man With No Name gets a name and a back story, Clint likes to play the badass and here he is again in a different story about the war and spitting on things.

The character is similar, a cool guy who’s good with guns and the few words he uses. Josey Wales differs slightly thanks to having a family at the start which is brutally murdered and a spitting habit. Plus he needs two guns rather than just the one. He becomes his own character though as the story advances, Clint plays Wales as more talkative and someone who bands with others to create a team. The story is more of a journey than a big money-making plan too, he is an outlaw rather than a bounty hunter after all.

The story is of escape and revenge. After his family is killed and his town pillaged, Wales teams up with a band who end up joining the army. treated as outlaws they are shot down and Wales escapes, taking a young man with him and a whole bunch of dead bodies thanks to his expertise with a Gatling gun. The journey begins and he meets dodgy elixir salesmen, friendly Indians, an old lady and her attractive granddaughter. Losses are dealt with and new bonds are formed, by the end of the film there is a great feeling of companionship between the characters who are happy to help Wales out.

The best moments of the film of course are the tense bits when the trouble appears. How Wales will deal with being outnumbered and what cool line he’ll throw out makes for gripping viewing. You know something is going down when he does a mean old spit after saying his quotable wise cracks. He spits so much he could probably have taken someone out with that beef jerky juice, he could probably win the longest spit contest in Monkey Island 2. Poor dog gets it on his head a lot. He isn’t the only thing which makes the action scenes awesome though, the Cherokee Lone Watie manages to throw some tricks out. He also provides some of the more humorous moments.

The Outlaw Josey Wales then is a great Western full of memorable set pieces and characters. From the intense moments of approaching enemies to the more light-hearted moments displayed Wale’s kindness, such as the bar scene, make a complete film which helps it stand out from the Sergio Leone Westerns. It may not be as stylistically cool and some scenes drag a little, but this is a film about a real man dealing justice and spitting on things. Manners.


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