Sleep Waves

It happens when the sides switch. One minute I’d be there lying and seeing the early morning sun begin to rise from the window. I’d turn to get up but instead find myself grabbing the cold side of the bed, the empty side. Grabbing onto the cool sheets it feels like a wave washes over me, a cool dry wave sending me back into the world of sleep. Intense dreams begin. 

The waves which hit me are deep, sudden worlds and feature-length adventures begin. While I lie in bed with my eyes close, the new memories and experiences feel far more real than anything when I’m awake. Being chased by the giants. The two neighbours who wear face paint and have kindness in their hearts. The woman who loses her head but not her voice. The museum of horrors with the race to get to the exit. Just dreams, but dreams which sweep on by during this morning waves. Excitement. I stole a red guitar on an empty street and watched the stars fall.

During these adventures I wake up again and then the other side has become cold. The switches keep happening and the dreams keep on coming. Waking up is an intermission to the show and by the time it’s over I’m nearly trapped in these sleep waves. It won’t be long before I can’t wake up anymore. Lost inside my head. Sounds pretty good.

The repetition of  falling asleep as soon as I touch the cold side has only been happening since the start of April, it reminds me of the time I used to value extra sleep minutes in between putting on clothing. Then I realise I haven’t put any on at all and I just dreamt that I did. It is like the mind wants to keep you locked in sleep.


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