KFC Brazer

KFC without the skin is weird. The chicken lead bare to the world makes me feel slightly uneasy. The Brazer is a sizzled chicken burger and seems to be the start of the new promised healthier KFC. Brr. 

I avoided it the first time as the idea of KFC without the skin was ludicrous, but after watching two business men eating them I decided they didn’t look half bad. Soft light bread, light mayo, chopped tomatoes, a whole bunch of lettuce and the sizzled chicken make up the burger and as you can tell, it’s very light. I felt like I was eating from a different place, no guilt eating it at all! Tasty, but it isn’t really the KFC we all know and love.

With them no longer frying the chicken soon and opting for a healthier outlook, the Brazer may be the beginning of the end. It somewhat misses the point of the place and you just know a healthier option isn’t going to be much healthier at all. Despite it being an alright burger, you could get something like this anywhere.  I think Cartman has been at the skin.


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