Ms. Pac-Man

Last time I was in a different place in my mind when I decided to talk Pac-Man as seen here: . I guess that’s what Pac-Man does the mind, such a simple concept which works so well makes you question what other simple things you can do in life to make well. Ms. Pac-Man is a simple concept sequel too. Female Pac-Man to bring a fresh look, changing levels to give extra variety and harder enemies to bring a great challenge. It works wonderfully though the game kicks my ass far too much compared to the original, I find it to be a lot less enjoyable as it is harder to learn and adapt. Red and pink ghosts like to chase and blue and orange wander. The big pills which let you eat the ghosts don’t seem to last as long either. No high scores from me.  I’d give it a 6/10 after replaying it on the Xbox. I always did feel that way since I was a child. The woman’s game is too hard for me to keep up with, but I do like the bright stages and think Ms. Pac-Man is super hot. Come on, you know it’s true.

And Ms. Pac-Man isn’t Pac-Man in drag! People say this but I saw proof in one of the game cinematics which shows he and she together receiving a baby from a stalk. Aww, I wonder if Baby Pac-Man was on the cards.

I asked my Mum if she ever played Pac-Man when it was out and she said she did. To think it plays so well today. She didn’t play Ms. Pac-Man though. Oh. I did though when I was a kid, but focused on Pac-Mania instead. Remember that one? The day of isometric is long gone. Ms. Pac-Man always did get it tough from myself, but a lot of people remember it fondly who played it back when it came out. Like a lot of games then. Simple sequels work though making them harder makes rubbish players like me sad. I wonder how many people finished all 256 levels? Well 255, the 256th one doesn’t work. I got to level 21, I didn’t like the sound effects as much. That is the reason why I stopped, not because I couldn’t get past level 22. Believe.


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