Photo 23: Little Fish

A little murky, but new fish! Twenty little Zebra and Cloud Mountain Minnows.  How you fit a Zebra in a tank is beyond me, oh it’s a fish.

They dart around and are hard to distinguish from each other, especially with the murky waters. I did go and name all twenty though. Here we go!

1. Mr. Zebra
2. Mute
3. Mr. Cloud
4. Floaty
5. Long John Silver
6. Happy
7. Chappy
8. Nappy
9. Dappy
10. Stop Rhyming
11. I’m Not OK
12. Mrs. Zebra
13.Charlie Chaplin
14. Fish With No Name
15. Ima Fish
16. Sharky
17. George
18. Lesser Zebra
19. Lesser Cloud
20. Mike

You can tell who’s who just by looking in the tank, they have all those characteristics which scream their individual names. I wonder if there will still be twenty by the end of summer. Don’t lose to the mist!


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