In the far reaches of the United Kingdom hides the small town of Jellyton. It is stationed in between Oswaldtwistle and Church. Many people insist they’ve never seen the place, but then comment that they can smell a strong whiff of raspberry when driving past the abandoned pub which no one will knock down due to being listed. 

In fact Jellyton is a small underground town underneath this listed building. The buildings are all see through and bouncy, not forgetting how edible they are. The population of sixty live in this small town lit by jelly tots and slide down jelly slides to work, which is a jelly factory. It sounds great fun to live in a town of jelly but the town faces two problems, cannibalism and vandalism. A number of jelly babies have been going missing and houses can be found which huge bite marks in the side. It may have perhaps been a bit of a bad decision to make a town out of sweet food; the crime rate is the worst in the country. Officials have shown fears that the town may have been fully consumed within the next two weeks and are urging residents to move out to safer places such as Darwin and Hull.


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