Psychoville Series 2 Episode 4

Psychoville Series 2 Episode 4
Thursdays 10 p.m.
Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton

Questions are answered this week as characters connect together, events move forwards and the locket’s insides are revealed, not forgetting Jeremy has gone nuts over his missing book.  Brace yourself for an intense episode of Psychoville.

The first three episodes of the series were brilliant if a little disconnected when it came to the plot of the locket and the new characters having a connection with the story. This week things are mostly sorted out as the locket comes back into play and we see Tealeaf getting information with the toy owner of Hoiti Toyti’s. With Lomax gone the shop owner discovered a connection with the previous murders. Nazis come into the story and things go a little crazy. More than usual anyway. It’s engaging stuff and only heightens the need to know on what is actually contained within the locket. And Hattie is about to find out.

After chaining up her gay husband, Hattie heads to work and we see how her story is going to tie into it all. Working as a makeup artist for the company which hires ditzy Debbie, the current owner of the locket. It is incredibly exciting to see her place suddenly become important to the lead story and now we just need Jeremy to find his way into the whole locket murdering business. Not that it matters much, his descent into madness is one of the highlights of the series. This week he attempts to get his book back for his library through harsher methods. Dog napping. His harsh threats and the Silent Singer getting closer and frequent has a combination of fear and hilarity. The creeping sensation that he’s watching is unnerving, and the way he plays with the dog… brr!

The final act of this weeks episode is the greatest point though. David is off to murder Mr. Jelly’s old friend Claudia Wren, the old biddy who helps him with his acts. Mr. Jelly is trying to save her from any trouble though finds himself having an unpleasant time as the old ladies at the retirement home think they are going on a trip with him, plus he witnesses an old biddy using one of her toys. ‘It’s like something out of Saw!’ While this is going on we have the guy David was dealing with last week sneaking into Maureen’s home and the evil detective Finney moving around Sunnyvale disguised as a cleaner. It all happens at once and the fear of any of the characters confronting each other is edge of the seat stuff. Finney really has got that intense aroma around him when he appears now, after killing half the cast it’s no wonder and it really brings this scene into something which is almost unbearable to watch. It is absolutely amazing that this series manages to evoke laughs and shrieks at the same time, truly superb writing and acting. The results of this scene with the numerous characters in trouble is perfect, they couldn’t have come up with a better ending to it. Breath easy till next time, and remember to watch out for the Silent Singer. Do you see him too?


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