McDonald’s Texas Grande

I didn’t trust the burgers at the event I went to. So, to avoid a very real possibility of food poison, I went to the nearest fast food chain, which was McDonald’s. It was either going to be that or Subway wasn’t it? In a hungry daze I ordered the Texas Grande, didn’t know what it was about. ‘What is it?’ I asked. ‘A burger, they said.’ Well, duh.

Didn’t look to great. Check out that gross looking sperm hanging out the side, is this the special they do when you ask stupid questions like ‘what is it?’ ? Thankfully it was just a bubbly mayonnaise and it was a decent enough burger. Melted cheese on the top, tomato and hey, whats that? Pepperoni on the burger! Awesome! I don’t really like pepperoni. But I was surprised and that’s all that matters. Good times all around with the Texas Grande and the pepperoni stopped it from being a rearranged standard burger with different bread.


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