Super Mushroom

Feeling small? Pop open the Mushrooms lid and grow a little! Chewing on the mushroom itself won’t help anything however, you’ll just hurt your teeth. Especially if you have fillings, brr. 

Inside are a bundle of pink sour candies, mushroom-shaped of course! A little sour, a little cherry. After consuming the contents I felt like I’d grown a millimetre, that’s how tall Mario grows when he eats them I think! The container is now used to contain growth spurt wishes and dreams. It sits neatly with my Question Mark block money-box and inflatable Bullet Bill. Before you know it I’ll be moving to the Mushroom Kingdom!


4 thoughts on “Super Mushroom

    • Adore that song. I can learn it on my new guitar when I figure out where my hands are. First time I heard the song was an electronica remix on a dark night in college. That was in a compilation with the likes of The Knife. What a night that was.

  1. I know. This song is a killer. although I’ve not heard electronica remixes. Not too tempted, either.
    some things are best left as they are :)

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