Psychoville Series 2 Episode 5

Psychoville Series 2 Episode 5
Thursdays 10 p.m.
Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton

It’s the penultimate episode and everyone is gunning for something! The chase for the locket, Mr. Jelly’s appointment and some final moments. Grip that cushion and prepare yourself for the unprepareable.

It’s time to be fully attentive to each and every event this week (though it’s pretty hard not to pay attention during this show) as we hurtle towards the finale. We have three separate stories this week with David giving his mother Maureen her desired final moments, Mr. Jelly attempting to unearth Mr. Jolly’s secrets and get some cash in the process and the frenzied hunt for the locket. Each plot strand is superbly told and contain the perfect blend of comedy, revelations and startling emotional moments. More so than David’s Breakfast smoothie. It’s hard to pull out one high point this week, because there are far too many. Zorbing, Mr. Jelly’s disguise and Stink Finger provide the light-hearted laughs while the origins of the Silent Singer, Hattie’s conclusion, and the very final shocking moments bring the darker events.

The whole episode has a constant feeling of unease hanging over it and some amazing choreography with the scenes and music choices make for a truly emotional episode. The music playing when the Finney pays a visit to Hattie’s house told me this was near the end and the final scene with David and Maureen had me on the verge of tears. Don’t cry I told myself, but it happened, the pull was too strong. Reece and Steve pull the desired responses out of you and then throw something else in to switch your feelings around completely. It all wraps up next week and I wonder how they are going to end this incredible series. Nazis, travelling and lockets are going to be part of the ending but will we get another cliffhanger season end like last time? Will any more characters face the grim reaper? Whatever happens, it’s gonna end.


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