Psychoville Series 2 Final Episode

Psychoville Series 2 Final Episode 
Monday 10 p.m. Thursday 11.20 p.m. 
Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton

The end. The fate of the remaining characters, the secret of the locket and the possibility of another cliffhanger ending come together for a worthy finale to the excellent dark comedy mystery series Psychoville. Old faces, new faces and some German awaits…

With only David, Jelly and Mrs. Ladybird Face left of the old cast the pace hurtles along flicking between the two, with a brief satisfying conclusion for crazy librarian Jeremy in-between. David has the evil detective Finney on his trail while Mr. Jelly and Mrs. Ladybird face with the toy shop owner Peter, the gay nazi, are trying to bargain a head off for some cash. A lot of suspense is built around these scenes especially regarding David and Finney, will David join his mother or will his serial killer ways keep him wise? The conclusion initially seems a little underwhelming, but of course it doesn’t end with just a cricket bat. A funeral service is provided for Maureen and one of the best scenes in the series begins, a fitting end.

The Nazi plot line and the locket comes together on the other side and it’s an interesting one and explains why this corporation are after the locket so badly. A red herring lead the viewer astray and the real secret of the locket is something pretty damn clever. Very sci-fi and Frankenstein and it suits the horror themes of the show to a tee along with the twisted personality of the humour. Throw in some romance, drama, gore and some old favourites returning and Psychoville ends on a real high. Every character got the right amount of character development before the end of the show or their lives, though I did feel the toy shop owner deserved a harsher conclusion than he received. Ah well, there are more ways to beat a man than to off them.

A series which delivered quality each week and stood out on TV as being something a bit different. A very good different of course, and I feel series 2 is the best thing Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith have done yet. The quality of writing, the lovable creepy cast, the originality of the ideas coursing through each scene and the variety of jokes from crude to smart have it standing out as the best thing on TV I’ve seen since the last time Psychoville was on the air. No cliffhanger ending means we may not see David and Mr. Jelly again, but the final episode wraps everything up in an entirely satisfying way, I can remain content at its end. I’d love to see a series 3 though, everyone go off and buy the DVD boxset next week, see the ingenious blend of horror and comedy, then the sales and interest should get us a new series. Can but hope, my weeks are now a little dimmer with this show gone. How many tv shows can create an effect like that? Not many, not many at all.


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