A World Of Keflings

A World of Keflings
Format: Xbox Live Arcade
Price: 800 ms points

Players: 1-2
Online: 2-4

Genre: Management
Release Date: 22nd December 2010
Ninja Bee

Having an army of adoring fans and a kingdom is the life. Everyone thinks you’re the most awesome thing to ever be devised and if they don’t like it, you can just kick them. Because you’re a giant! Gulliver had it cosy and you can too! Just make sure everyone is nicely organised so things don’t fall apart. Keflings aren’t too bright when left to their own devices.

After being thawed from a block of ice, your Xbox Avatar is tasked with building a kingdom for the little people. You have the power to pick up heavy things and basically rally the idiots together. Houses, workshops all the way up to a castle are on the planning sheet and you’ll need a well-managed team to collect and transfer resources so it doesn’t become a colossal nightmare. Everything is Kefling sized so you get the bum deal out of this, pretty much a gigantic slave! It’s incredibly addictive building the town as you gather resources, place pieces and see the kingdom grow, you can even bring a local friend along to join in this time, no longer is building for the lone or online player. The sequel to A Kingdom Of Keflings brings a more streamlined experience avoiding frustrating tedium with helpers who carry pieces for you, a narrative to keep things focused and small touches which just help make the experience that little bit easier.

The biggest addition however is that fact that this is the World of Kelfings. The green grass kingdom isn’t all there is here as we see a snow and desert world to explore. Three kingdoms to run, oh boy oh boy! Unfortunately the snow and desert environments are incredibly small with few things to build, primarily used to advance the simple story. A shame, but they add a nice big of variation while you spend your time there. It’s all about the kingdom anyway and once you destroy the land with your town, there is a bustling city of busy workers and smoke to admire. The more you play the more you can spend time relaxing a little and the perfect way to relax is to put Keflings in a chain of cannons and watch them fly around to the next. I tried to make a train track style system running a full circuit, but by the end of the game I hadn’t enough pieces. For shame.

A World of Keflings feels more of an expansion pack than a sequel with no new gameplay additions and the new areas not being all that. Putting pieces in place is much more enjoyable however and you can bring a friend along from the sofa this time. Fans of the original will love it and people who found the old game pointless and irritating should find things with point and no irritations. A game for everyone to enjoy, especially those who like jokes about things being kept in pants. For many mooooons!



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