House Guest

I see her most nights when I’m alone or everyone is sleeping. At times when the silence turns into a thick ominous pressure pushing down on the rooms contents, she appears. Usually a creaking noise or a slight glimpse reveals herself to me. I see her outside looking through the patio window. Her hands are pressed against the glass as she stands and stares. Though she has no eyes so how can that be? She tends to wear a ragged white dress and she has blood coming out from her legs. She stands there and thumps the glass, she wants to come in but there is no invitation. I close my eyes and hope she goes away. This only makes her appear closer when I open them once more. One day she’ll break through the glass, yet I know she’s been in the house plenty of times. When I sleep I know she stands watching me all night long by the bedside. She waits outside the front door when I’m walking up the stairs and bangs.

I know the noises and the appearance aren’t real. Yet she gets inside my head. A nightmare when I’m waking.


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