Photo 27: Bionicle Group Up!

Terry had drunk too much at the reunion party and made a right mess of the group photo. I hadn’t seen these guys for years so thought they should hang out one last time before they move onto the world of eBay. It was pretty emotional and the rock one in the background was still always pictured in the background. Some people are destined to always be at the back.

They were jiving so happily though you could already see the friendship groups forming. Even at parties everyone forms into their little groups and it is exactly the same for the Bionicle lot. The little ball things on one side and the mighty original six as the other. And Rock guy sitting in the corner on his own wondering why on earth he came out of his capsule. At least the drink was nice.

I never did learn these guys names, I think I just named them myself. Terry, Robert, Rock guy and such. Catchy and you always know who’s who. The tribal names on the capsules never did roll off the tongue. Opaka? Can we just call you Dave?

And after the group photo and the music played they all went and got emotional. Sam and Harold shared a hug (not a kiss) and Rock guy lingered in the background ready to end it all. They will be missed but I’m sure eBay isn’t that bad a place.


2 thoughts on “Photo 27: Bionicle Group Up!

    • Pretty cool at the time, but then you realise they are all the exact same toy with minor differences and colour changes.

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