Currently Listening To: Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age
Release Date: 22nd September 1998, March 7th 2011 (Re-release)
Genre: Metal
Rekords Rekords

I was wrong about Eras Vulgaris. After one more listen it all clicked into place and now joins Songs For The Deaf and Lullabies To Paralyze on my frequent listening list. With the latter half of Queens Of The Stone Age being greatly enjoyed and consumed by the ears, I decided I should go back to the very start. Timing was good as the re-release with three extra tracks was released just a few months ago! An original 1998 release means I wouldn’t have been interested at the time, but I certainly am now.

The debut album is a slow burner, initially I had the Eras Vulgaris feel going on in a different way. I was finding the tracks to slow and droning while further listens it becomes a rather laid back and cool metal album with a whole batch of instrumental tracks to go with the vocals. The three bonus tracks are spliced in with the original track listing so it may not tie in together as carefully as before but I didn’t notice any jarring moments, it all moved with a good balance of heavy and soft tracks playing through the awesome finale ‘I Was A Teenage Hand Model.’ Some tracks sound stuck in the Kyuss sounds, though one of the bonus tracks is from that era. A move from one band to the other and the start of something great is the debut album from Josh Homme. It burns into me as something memorable each time though I feel the real Queens memories begin with Rated R. Just wasn’t there at the time, still great music is great music. Can’t turn this stuff down.

Also plus points for included a music booklet full of boobs and a number of songs which use phone dialing noises to great effect. Classy and adult, that’s how I like my metal.


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