Photo 30: Mii

A spot of afternoon TV, nothing wrong with that. He’s enjoying it to, like a child ready to have their eyes damaged by sitting too close. The colours are so happy and bright though that you must sit close or miss out on the magic the box is trying to deliver. The closer you sit, the closer you are to the fictional world, unless its non fiction you happen to be watching. Then why are you sitting so close when reality is all around you?

A wild fisherman appears. He completely killed the mood and is quite terrifying indeed. He just had to run away when he witnessed that grizzly beard. The stuff of nightmares is a beard, ever since I read the Twits I’ve never been able to look at them in the same way. And I read that book years ago.

Everyone falls over when they’re running scared, not all the time but eventually. He has no need to be embarrassed scurrying off-screen due to a nasty trip. If he gets some fresh air and comes back all the horrible thoughts will have faded away and some cartoons might be on to watch. It was his first day with the TV and already he’s put off for life. Maybe not a bad thing, but he must at least brave it once more to watch Blade Runner. At least.


The lesson, TV is bad for your health.


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