Photo 31: Oshawott

Oshawatt is one of the starter Pokemon in the new games, Black and White. He is a water otter and looks a bit sad. That is all I really know about the little guy as I’ve yet to experience the new mon, but he’s a cute little guy and I think after all the exposure I’ve had with him recently, he’ll be my starter choice. Looks better than a snobby snake and a pig. Smile some more!

That’s better! The shell on his chest seems to be a piece of bling rather than a part of his body. Everyone needs to accessorise to keep up with the world of fashion. Pretty big this Oshawatt, I’m sure they are meant to be smaller than a fireplace. And why does he look so much clearer than our real world? Because he is the real world and we are but a fictional blurry mess which needs HD treatment.


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