Jumping Through June 2011

A full month of summer vacation ended as quick as someone jumping off the top of a building and landing flat. But then those moments falling things slow down a little as you think of what happens during that flight. You may be screaming, but you can admire the birds flying by.It all began with the urge to write and the failings from the writing. I’d planned out to do a short story a week, but I’m running short after countless attempts and only mediocre results. I believe that the first story is always the hardest and the rest are a piece of tasty cake. So it wasn’t till the end of this month that one story reached an end and now things have quickened. I think the problem came from some personal events happening. Things get pretty tense when all the news you hear around you is bad. How can I write a story about adventure and death at this point in time? I was also forgetting what made a story of mine something people enjoyed. Desperate for intense detail and complex language, it stopped being something of mine but an imitation of the standard of quality. When I started reducing it all to my simplistic drones of tangent hopping madness things felt a little happier. My writing woes of the month. I’m back and cracking jokes about making friends and being puked on. Good old times.

Another reason I think it came to a crawl was that I was simply spending the month having fun. And that is a good way to spend the last summer before I have to understand the real world. Next month  I should find a happy medium. Relaxed mind, better stories. Not giving up on the summer writing plans just yet!


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