I was walking down my street. I walk down it most days and it is a nice street. No litter, the occasional dog poo and every neighbour waving and smiling. This is a happy street with a small park at the top and a defining end as the road connects to the main one at the bottom. On blue sky days it looks a bit like the street in Blue Velvet, though I doubt if there is any darkness here. Maybe the graffiti at the park suggests something happens when you stumble around at night. What the street needs though is more wooden animals to jump over. I the street was full of wooden animals, the street would be a better place. We had a wooden pig and a wooden horse but something happened to the horse. Possibly the darkness got it, or anti-wooden animal campaigners. I petitioned for more wooden animals many years ago when I used to frequent the park. People said they wouldn’t make the place better and I was being silly. What do they know?


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