Transformers Dark Of The Moon

Transformers Dark Of The Moon
Release Date: 29th June 2011
Director: Michael Bay 
Rating: 12
Paramount Pictures

Shia Labeouf being a jerk, the army being illogical, a model girl with no acting skills, irritating comedy characters and a lot of explosions. Looks like another Transformers movie! Revenge Of The Fallen scarred me a little and Dark Of The Moon opens some new wounds.

The story is about the evil Deceptions wanted to bring their ruined home world into the human world  with some rod things found on the moon, and the good Autobots disagree. Labeiuf as Sam is struggling to find a job, and Megan Fox has been ditched for some other girl who screeches a lot when things get hectic. The humans blame the Autobots for unleashing the evil Sentinel Prime on Earth and are stupidly told to go away. The story might be full of strange logic, predictable plot twists and comedy characters who fail to do their role well, but Transformers has always been about the action. So forget about the slow and brutal plot build up and relish in the explosions and hard to make out robot scrapping.

The action sequences are the highlight of any action film, and there are some impressive moments in Dark Of The Moon. An army flying through the ruined city of Chicago with squirrel suits and a desperate fight to survive falling from a collapsing building are the most impressive and unique moments of the film, strangely all being human set pieces. The robots themselves carry on pulling off the same predictable attacks as the other two films, and they make the hour-long war scrape and drag across their rusted metal.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon was an enduring challenge, but no ice cream robots this time means things are a little more bearable. Needed more John Malkovich.


2 thoughts on “Transformers Dark Of The Moon

  1. I wish there had been no Malkovich in it.
    I personally like this film exactly for robots, so thanks God it was predictable.

    • I hope they make the robot side more interesting for Transformers 4. Use their transforming powers for more useful things. That would be good.

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