One Piece Volume 50: Arriving Again

One Piece Volume 50: Arriving Again
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th June 2008
Covers Chapters 482-491
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

Dawn is here! Did Luffy manage to beat Warlord Gecko Moria, or has he failed and faded out with the sun? Thriller Bark comes to a close with shocking twists and intense survival of the crew.

The fight with Moria is surprisingly short, but ends in a suitable manner. What comes after is the other Warlord, Kuma, and his relevance to his role in Thriller Bark. An exhausted almost fully unconscious set of pirates must take on a fully revved up super pirate, and the conclusion is worth the admission price alone. That final moment between Kuma and Zolo will go down as one of the iconic moments in the series. Nothing at all. Design also shines here as we see Kuma’s paw powers and huge block shaped body stomp around. The goofiness of the series designs really is striking and cooler than the pretty boy nasties you usually see.

This isn’t the final point of the arc, instead it ends with a flashback of skeleton Brook. What starts as a cute story of a team of musical pirates meeting a baby whale, turns into an incredibly emotional tale of a crew falling apart and how Brook wanders his ship alone for fifty years. The lyrics which go with it really get the waterworks going. Happy to have you in the crew, Brook!

With Thriller Bark over, the next arc sets itself up as they try to find their way under the sea to the Fish Man Island. After saving a real mermaid, much to the pleasure of Sanji and Brook, Luffy and co set out to save one of her friends as a slave trading plot begins! It seems a slow build up is out the window and we are straight into the action again!

Thriller Bark was a great arc offering a Tim Burton styled world for the pirates to frolic in. It seems One Piece can do no wrong.


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