Nintendo Video

Format: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Price: Free
StreetPass: No
Release Date: 13th July 2011

Nintendo have been generous with free apps since they launched their online service for the 3DS. Shopping, web browsing, two free games and now a free video application which promises new content from programs to trailers. It even downloads them for you. The future is full of convenience. And Shaun The Sheep.

The video app automatically downloads the short 3d videos when it detects a wireless connection in range, and it does so even if your 3DS is in sleep mode. Pop the app on every now and then to find new content to view and enjoy. Imagine one morning to wake up and notice that there is a new episode of One Piece to enjoy. In 3D! Video quality is decent from what I’ve seen and the download speeds are quick. The quality of Nintendo Video basically relies on the quality of content we are going to get in the future. Shaun The Sheep cartoons have been confirmed, and a short video for a magic card trick, plus a short cgi cartoon about a lizard called Oscar trying to eat a tennis ball are on right now.

Is that what you like to watch?


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