Sexing July 2011

The middle of the summer holidays was one of kicking back and feeling the sun beat down on my oily chest while a duo of rather attractive ladies rubbed me down. Then the clouds rose over and I was all alone on the cold, wet grass. The sunflower oil stunk and the two branches at either side prickled. Where was I? Let’s have some Jack.

In reality, I was seeing my friends and turning my room inside out. Cider festivals, movie goings and city trips were  highlights between the repeat processed days. The I started throwing everything out of my room into the other. Project ‘do a physical project over summer hols’ began! DOPPOSH! Walls turned green and there is borders and shelving to come. When movements are made towards something, everything feels much more worthwhile. Sit still and things are just going to rot. It’s good having objectives and friends about, it really is. And paint rollers have that nice smooth rolling movement with the sticky paint noises. One of my favourite noises.

Speaking of objectives, how did July writing go? Crash and burn are two good words for it. At first! After losing the desire to write anything due to that sensation of pointlessness and lack of belief, I wanted to burn it all into the ground and accept a fate of delinquency. Then I met a fiery bird who scorched my doubts and turned them into power. Writing has suddenly boosted like crazy. Even if it all comes across a little rough, I can see myself the core concept is good and can be developed down the road once I develop further with year 3 of uni coming up. The pieces are gathering and I do believe it is because I’m becoming a little more comfortable with myself. Grammar still sucks.

And so July started with ambitions killed, then built up again as other positive things happened around me. I once thought negative was the way to write well, but now I’m writing better than ever once the evening settles in! If my July was music it would be ‘Uke In The Grass.’ Doesn’t it just feel like a track of lazing around in the sun with a hint of sudden motivation?

I just really like ilomilo.


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