Currently Listening To: Faith No More – Angel Dust

Faith No More – Angel Dust
Release Date: 8th June 1992
Genre: Metal

Now for the next question; does emotional music have quite the effect on you? Angel Dust starts with an upbeat song which throws question after question at the listener. Maybe it was just to make the song a catchy refreshing metal beat to start off, but the questions have always lingered in my mind. The songs of Mike Patton and co are part of why life is worthwhile. Angel Dust is a disc of energetic life and sits high in my top five albums of forever.

Angel Dust is a completely different beat to previous Faith No More albums, the funk metal is still present, but there is a clear sound of evolution and experimentation going on. Angel Dust ranges from heavy screaming which sounds like someone having their appendix removed without any numbing, to some, and soft piano renditions with drawling voices. The pace tends to switch between heavy and unusual making the album something unexpected and varied. ‘Land of Sunshine’ brings forth a funk metal start-up before moving onto the aggressive ‘Caffeine’, then another switch to a single worthy ‘Midlife Crisis’, one I’m sure many have heard. By the end I had experienced tracks which had me tapping my toes, shaking my head up and down in a rather scary fashion and even holding back some tears for the more moving tracks like ‘Everything’s Ruined.’ Mike Patton truly has an adaptive voice for any sound and the band work well with his wailing and high notes. He voices zombies in Left 4 Dead these days, truly a magical voice.

Angel Dust doesn’t have a duff track, no obvious filler, no same old same old. It is just one incredible album of 1992 which still retains its unique sound and quality today. It finishes up with two spine chilling covers, ‘Easy’ and ‘Midnight Cowboy’, the former even my Dad listens to today. I’ve been listening to the band for years and I only just grabbed a physical copy, all the more reason to pretend I’m a moody teen from the 90’s and shut myself into my room till the disc melts in the CD player. I was three when this came out, I missed out there.


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