Format: Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 1200 ms points
Genre: Loot-em-up
Release Date: 9th March 2011
Runic Games

Digging deep under the earth for the treasure and secrets of the world is a real mans dream! We all want the sense of adventure, the feel of unearthing something unknown and becoming somebody. Not many get to do this dangerous work and most of us would probably end up getting crushed under a rock as they travel deep down. Thankfully we have things like Torchlight for couch adventurers to enjoy. Let’s do some digging!

The objective of Torchlight is to keep moving deeper through mines and ruins to collect weapons and magic for selling or using. You get stronger as you fight off monsters and obtain better equipment for the dangers which lurk before, all for the cause of getting even stronger and making more money. You pick a class at the start from big burly berserker, scrawny huge gloved alchemist or the sexy vanquisher. I was going to go for the vanquisher, but I am aware I’ve recently developed the opinion that I may be a pervert, so I showed everyone wrong by going for the alchemist! Not that anyone can really see this proof, the hack n slash loot-em-up is a solo experience. Once you’ve picked your class and pet (dog, cat or thing) you start plowing through enemies with weapons and magic till you can’t take it anymore. Nothing varies other than the magic you unlock and that just tends to be beams and summons. Hack those buttons till your fingers bleed!

It is a fairly addictive game despite the simplistic nature. Destroying hordes of trolls has a satisfying feel to it thanks to the cracking special effects and leveling up happens on each flow always providing that feeling of progress. There is little faff in the way of moving deeper either. You can create portals straight to town and have your pet sell all your junk. Not once did I have to bother selling my items myself or having to backtrack. The journey is all one way which is a very good thing. By the end I was summoning Golems, blasting out laser beams, teleporting and blasting enemies flying with my charged up fists. Unfortunately I had stopped caring by this point.

The game keeps a decent pace for the first hours due to the simple storyline and boss fights going alongside the looting. Once you’ve tackling the last boss an unlimited dungeon opens and you can go off and do your own thing. On your own this becomes drab, the randomly generated dungeons of four different environments makes it become tedious. With some character pumped into the admittedly pleasing cartoony visuals and a friend to tag along, Torchlight would have become something unstoppable on its stake for your spare time. When the story, settings, typical troll villains and samey levels get to you the addiction fades away. Torchlight still snatched ten hours of my time however and I enjoyed the treasure hunting and enemy slaying during this time. I got a little lonely and I groaned sometimes when I followed the story of corrupted magicians, but then I could send about ten enemies flying with the touch of the button. I had power down in Torchlight without the cost of unnecessary complication these games can bring.



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