Dragon Ball Volume 15: The Titanic Tournament

Dragon Ball Volume 15: The Titanic Tournament 
Story and Art: Akira Toriyama
Release Date: 6th December 1988
Covers Chapters 169-180
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

The 23rd Ten’kaichi Budokai Tournament is underway! The strongest under the heavens are here, including some which may be above that. Who will get to the final and will Yamcha be screwed over once more? Maybe that is a bit too easy to answer. Poor Yamcha…

Volume 15 is thick with fights as all the battles up to the second semi final are covered. Fights range from the serious with the likes of cyborg assassin Taopaipa versus three eyed Tenshinhan to the hilarious with Yamcha versus clumsy middle-aged man Shen. The outcome of that latter fight is what you’d expect though this time Yamcha is schooled in a far more embarrassing way. What a mess you are, Yamcha! I once wrote a poem about his failings, I really do feel for the guy. To be ‘accidentally’ nutted during battle is something no one you go through. At least Shen isn’t just any old guy…

There are a few surprises to go with the fights to, and not just ability wise. While the characters chuck out new ability after new ability, the time skip helps prevent these from being pulled from nothing, Goku ends up involved in something a bit different in his first fight with the mysterious woman. Who she is will rack some people’s brains who haven’t read so far back in a while and the cute revelation is a shocker and continues Goku’s naive and funny character. Aww.

With tip-top humour and explosive battles, volume 15 manages to be the best tournament yet! Only the semi final and final match await…


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