Ibiza 2011

Hello everybody, I’m back! I woke up staring at a ceiling I know only too well, the one I feel I wake up to everyday. The time of looking up at a fresh hotel ceiling was but a distant memory, did I even go away? The week of sunny Ibiza was now a dream. Only the burns, scratches, weight surplus and photos told me that the week had happened. Ibiza is a nice place and I had been back to familiar territory. I covered it all two years ago here: https://joerayw.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/joe-ray-travels-the-world-ibiza/ . Nothing had changed in two years so I felt instead of detailing the land of sunshine, I’ve put up a list of things I became aware of while sleeping under unfamiliar ceilings.

  • Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop, flip flop, flip flop. Flop.
  • Nothing worth insuring.
  • To avoid zombies crawling into the room please put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up. After many carefully documented zombie proofing guides, a simple sign did the job well. Ibiza had plenty of zombies. They call them Amnesia Clubbers over there.
  • I came up with a poem: The statue crumbled away as it based itself of his own ambition. It never rebuilt. Just eroded away.
  • People look dead on sun beds.
  • Fanta Naranja always tastes better abroad. But cola doesn’t.
  • Karaoke bars are scary places. It seems people who attend these places have lost screws in their head over time. When you start to wear matching cocktail shirts and shorts, the desire to sing springs up.
  • No one has a 3DS in Ibiza.
  • The cars are caked in dust. They are left abandoned. Lots of rude drawings on the windows, some by me.
  • Never trust a cowboy who can’t sing.
  • Scottish girls are easy to pull. When they are over 40.
  • Nothing of particular interest happened at 4.35p.m on Thursday the 18th August 2011.
  • Shooting guns is satisfying, yet difficult. Three bullets just isn’t enough.
  • Giant darts is easier than normal darts.
  • Angels like to play games.
  • Sun god Ra is fair to the island.
  • Lizards are such posers.
And that was the week of Ibiza. I saw many unusual things and some not so unusual. This is the case when you walk out anywhere, but under the sun everything seems much more defined and interesting. Wish you were there, we’d have gone dancing while eating KFC Pizzas.

4 thoughts on “Ibiza 2011

    • I went back to Haruki Murakami with The Elephant Vanishes. I think he has become a huge inspiration for me. How have you been doing?

  1. ah, I’ve been away for a month, no internets, too much drinking, too many people, everywhere.
    I learned, yet again, that everyone is a complete disappointment. (why is the spelling ‘dis + appointment’?) Never disbelief your truths!
    Looking forward to uni, although I know in advance the excitement will last 2 weeks. At a push.
    When are you moving to your party house?

  2. I’m moving to my party house I’d guess on the 10th or 11th of September. I’m ready.
    I should be seeing you soon then! It almost feels like one of those time skips when everyone goes separate ways to train and then return with new abilities and a tweaked appearance. That is how I like to think anyway.

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