Kirby’s Dream Land

Kirby’s Dream Land
Format: Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console / Game Boy
Price: £3.60
Players: 1
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: 3rd August 1992 / 30th June 2011 (vc)
Nintendo, HAL

Kirby began on the Game Boy. He’s a pink fellow who looks like a marshmallow, but starting on the Game Boy we could only ever see him as white. , huh? That’s my email address! And thus you now know the origins of that. Dream Land was a game for beginner players and now 19 years have passed, can the simplicity hold up today?

The game is an incredibly simple platformer which has you walking or floating to the end of each stage, sucking and blowing. Sucking brings in enemies, blowing throws them out, probably covered in chunks of carrots and saliva if the game stepped into the reality of throwing up objects. Always the carrots! Apart from the boss battles and a few pick up items which offer full flight and invincibility, the game stays on the path of walking right or up to the end of each stage. Very simple and the bosses aren’t exactly challenge, you just have to suck something up and spit it back at them, minus the flying shooter bit. The only bit which really mixes up the formula. With the docile enemies and ability to fly, the game can be completed in under an hour.

Kirby’s Dream Land feels a little basic without the ability to copy abilities, a feature which featured in most Kirby games after this one, and the levels only real challenge is maneuvering through enemies when you get bored with sucking and blowing each and every one. It still has its charming characters and catchy music though, Dream Land has always been a unique world to explore and the look and sound of the game helps bring the whole package alive. An extra hard mode is waiting at the end too, so the challenge criticisms fall under the rug. You could even look up the code and start in the nightmarish difficulty from the off if you want. Dream Land is a good insight at Kirby’s past, but the series swiftly moved on from just being about sucking and blowing.



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