Total Film

Total Film
Monthly Magazine

Every holiday I always try out a new magazine to read. It helps having some magazine to flick through when the plane slowly wobbles across the ocean and I’ve sampled such delights as Neo, SFX and The Dandy. This year I decided to go with Total Film. I was stuck between Empire and this magazine, but the promise of free posters swayed me over to Total Film. A few hours later and I knew all about what was coming out in the next year. The issue had the new Superman on the front and I was eager to learn more. 

Maybe it was just this issue, but the leading front page Superman interview was minuscule. Two pages are all it was and not much was even learnt as the actor Henry Cavill was under a Non Disclosure Agreement. They should have advertised the main feature as being the Top 100, a look at one hundred movie related items such as actors, films and directors. The feature was interesting as it provided interviews, film announcements and little tip bits. It’s an interesting and well written magazine, if slightly lacking in character and the scoring system seems incredibly flawed. With so many films being covered, cinema hits to DVD release, it was quite a surprise to see about two-thirds of them awarded 3/5. It seems despite heavy criticism in the writing of the features, the score stays safely in the middle. Are they afraid of annoying someone?

I felt a lot more informed on what was coming out after the magazine was shut and despite a poor front cover choice and some suspicious scoring, the magazine is entertaining enough for me to consider picking up again. I particularly enjoy the secrets behind filming which are revealed, always been one for the secrets of how set pieces are decided and formed. I’d give it all a 3/5. Bwah!


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