Currently Listening To: Green Day – american idiot

Green Day: american idiot 
Release Date: 21st September 2004
Genre: Punk Rock
Reprise Records

Once hated them, now quite like them. With a band like Green Day I always thought this would be the opposite. I should have liked them as a teen and grew to dislike them as the years went by. Funny that. Anyway with a keen interest after enjoying a few of their tracks recently, the 3 for £5 at that’s entertainment pushed me to buy a full-fledged album. I feel like I’m advertising that place like crazy at the minute… they even do 99p CDs! Just watch out you don’t get a disc which looks like it has been used as a toy for the cat. Scratch.

American Idiot tells a story of a guy called Jesus of Suburbia who sets off on a grand journey… hey, this is a music album not a novel! Interestingly, Green Day went for a concept album with American Idiot as the song follows this fictional character. Quite cool, though I was largely unaware this was the case apart from the two tracks ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ and ‘Homecoming’ which are split into multiple parts. Characters and themes criss-cross between tracks and after a few listens it provides a complete story with some rather excellent tracks, flowing into each other seamlessly. I was never a fan of the bubbly ‘American Idiot’, but I’ve warmed to it over the years now it isn’t over played on the radio and the rest of tracks have a powerful identity. The part epics ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ and ‘Homecoming’ are fantastic epics, while ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ and ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ provide some heartfelt and memorable lyrics. Being a novel concept album,  filler feels absent and while some tracks don’t work quite so well as standalone pieces, they help make a complete whole for the tale of the town dwellers.

So american idiot was quite a nice surprise for me. Where have I been all these years?


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