Dragon Ball Volume 16: Goku Vs. Piccolo

Dragon Ball Volume 16: Goku Vs. Piccolo 
Story and Art: Akira Toriyama
Release Date: 10th February 1989
Covers Chapters 181-194
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

Let the final battle commence! Goku manged to take care of the last Piccolo, but this reincarnation looks to be far stronger! The two go all out for a spectacular end to first part of the Dragon Ball series. Things are going to get messy.

The final battle and conclusion are what volume 16 is about and it doesn’t disappoint. The new Piccolo has a wide range of new moves from killer destruction blasts to sudden growth spurts, and Goku has an equally wide arsenal of moves. The two duke it out on almost even terms, leading to a tense fight which isn’t one-sided. For the series it is probably the most exciting and visually interesting fight yet. Toriyama really knows how to draw deadly blows and deformed character expressions. You can really feel the heavy hits as fists meld their way onto faces or into stomachs and the clean presentation of the art really brings the key moments out. Few words are expressed during the fights, just panel after panel of glorious fighting.

It ends on a pleasing note too; acknowledging past events creating a fitting finale, if it was the finale. With Dragon Ball winding down, Dragon Ball Z continues the adventures with bigger attacks and badder enemies. Dragon Ball was the innocent days for the series, and it started and ended on a high. If you like a series which is full of humour, imagination and brutal fights, Dragon Ball is for you.


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