Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Format: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1-2
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Nintendo, HAL Laboratory, Good-Feel

Nothing like a good yarn. Kirby’s yarn happens to be an epic one as he enters a world of textiles. He sets out to find the magic yarn, which has separated Patch Land, with the grumpy Prince Fluff. Bring a friend and get cosy; a joyous adventure begins.

Epic Yarn at first appears to be a typical Kirby game but with an incredible new visual style. Worlds look like they’ve been made in a workshop as enemies fall apart at the seams and buttons and strings tie levels together. While the worlds you explore may be generic (space, snow, tropical e.t.c), the visual design is certainly not. It is one of the most unique and adorable looking games out there and the peaceful piano tracks plus the cute animations help make a world you can only explore with the excitable sensation of a child. One particular highlight I found was the way the creamy platforms of cake bounce up and down like soft pastry. There is nothing quite like it.

But visuals isn’t all that has changed in the world of Kirby. Being a piece of yarn, Kirby can no longer suck up enemies so instead must use his new-found powers to whip and transform. The game has you morphing into items often, allowing you to sneak through tight spots, drive through levels at a quickened pace or take part operating a giant robot with twirling fists. Before you have a chance to feel that the basic gameplay of jumping and attacking becoming a chore, you are suddenly putting tracks down for a train or racing through a desert in a rocket powered buggy. The mix of variants is good and none of them have a different taste of fun about them. The game doesn’t deal in half assed minigames and tedious backtracking. It is a product which you can almost see the love pouring out from the edges of the screen.

Any grips may come from the games difficulty. You can’t die and if you choose to concentrate on that level goal, you’ll be seeing the credits in no time at all. Playing the by hunting out the treasures and keeping a gold rated bead count with a friend is how to truly experience Epic Yarn. The two of you will enjoy trying to reach tricky chests and helping each other against the gigantic bosses. When an enemy attacks your beads go flying and these are needed for gold ranks. Gold ranks have you exploring every inch of the level and the reward of new levels is a good one. If you choose to rush through it will be akin to going to a buffet and only having one plate. Exploring is fun and shows how great the level design is.

Epic Yarn is a joyous game with creativity running to the very end. It may be a touch too easy, but hidden depths mean kids and adults can both enjoy the fabric world. No patchy works in sight.



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