Puzzle Bobble Universe

Puzzle Bobble Universe
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Players: 1
StreetPass: No
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: 22nd April 2011
Arika, Square Enix

Puzzle games make handheld gaming. Pick up and play without the worries of narrative, save points or lengthy sessions; the puzzle game is perfect for travel. A good puzzle game also keeps you playing for hours when you settle down once you’re home. Puzzle Bobble Universe has the makings of a good puzzle game with its addictive bubble popping gameplay, but is a bit of a mean puzzler when it comes to providing. Lazy post launch game time. 

Puzzle Bobble Universe is the same song and dance for the series. The objective is to clear coloured bubbles by shooting more coloured bubbles at them. matching colour sets of three make the junk vanish and you repeat this till you complete the stage or end up crushed due to the extra bubbles which form from taking too long. The game is controlled with the slider or d pad and A button fires once you’ve aimed. Bubbles pop in a satisfying manner and the game has a steady pace which quickly turns into a frantic blast for survival as the difficulty ramps up. With a non stop bubble mode the game can really pull the hours from you.

The problem with Puzzle Bobble isn’t the gameplay. It’s the content. Despite being a budget release and found for around ten quid, the game still feels like a rip off as it rips out versus, unlocks and varied game types from proceedings. All you end up left with is a flimsy eight stage puzzle mode with the same boss at the end (Three of the same coloured bombs to detonate on a moving target), three timed modes and pointless 3D effects. The fact that I bought Puzzle Bobble on the Xbox download service for around a five with double the content and a vs mode shows how shoddy this package is. Puzzle Bobble Universe should have been either a cheap 3DSware download or content rammed, instead it manages to be one of those launch games which accidentally drop features so the sequel will look glamorous. If you really want to bust a move you will get some fun out of it, like having sex with a prostitute and wondering where all the love is.



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