Currently Listening To: Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Release Date: 25th May 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock

You hear a song on the radio and it just won’t leave. It keeps resonating inside the halls of your brain and you start singing it in the shower. Someone tells you to shut the hell up and stop wasting the hot water, then you realise this has become a problem. I heard the track ‘Lasso’ by Phoenix thanks to Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock and from then I just had to let it move into my mp3 player. So I bought the album sorely based on the catchiness of one song. And I was shocked.

The first two tracks, ‘Lisztomania’ and ‘1901’ are awful! I was devastated. I’d just bought the album after seeing it lying there in the 2 for £10 in HMV and it seemed I should have just bought that one track of Amazon. The two openers sounded so intensely scene and indie I think I got a migraine. Lots of repetition of words to a simple upbeat tune. No beauty, no depth; just another indie disaster. Then track three came and everything changed.

From  an opening which displeased me for being rather mindless, the following tracks were rather mindful. ‘Fences’ has that sound of beauty and calm I enjoy from a lot of modern synthpop I listen to and I was quickly falling in love like a sunset. And ‘Love like a sunset’ is a remarkable two piece instrumental merging into a few choice lyrics at the end of the second part. I usually get excited when I see a CD has a two-parter song as they tend to deliver and deliver this did. It is then followed by three tracks of repetitive wording, but pleasing composition. The repetition of the word Rome has never been so lovely.

Unfortunately it dips once more for the final two tracks which barely stick in the mind. I never had a good feeling when one of the last tracks was called ‘Girlfriend’. The way the album starts on a terrible note, then flows into a thing of beauty, before stumbling on tired ground is like falling into a daydream and being abruptly awakened by a prod to the forehead. Or a baseball bat to the knees. It isn’t that painful really.


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