Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
Format: Microsoft Xbox 360
Players: 1
Online: 6-8
Genre: Stealth Adventure
Release Date: 19th November 2010

Or Assbro as most people like to call it. With the first game being a bit rubbish and the sequel being a bit ace, how does the third entry in the series stack up. is it ass or a beautiful brotherhood?

Brotherhood is the latter thanks to following the same qualities of II. The story of Ezio continues in 1499, as he loses the all-powerful apple of Eden and must retrieve it from the evil pope and a rather crazy son who likes to sleep with his sister. Back in them days anything went it seems. This time Ezio has made his way into the assassin’s guild and gathers a brotherhood to aid him in battle. For the player this means you can now recruit members of Rome to your cause and call them out to off some bad guys while you sneak about. You also take part in a rather addictive little bit of management as you send your assassin’s out on missions to level them up and earn some gold. Not a bad little addition to the game and one that helps make you feel like you’re part of something rather than a one man army. The 2012 storyline segments continue too, though this time the tale of Desmond and his friends breaks up the story far less, sticking sorely to the start and end unless you choose to pop out of the animus (the device they use to look through memories of the past) for a wander. I still don’t really know what the bad guys plans are, but some progress is made on their hunt for the apple.

Everything else is more of the same or more of the same with more of it slapped on. The combat continues to improve in each installment with smooth transitions between attacking, defending and countering. The visuals bring Rome alive and there are plenty of side quests to take part in as you explore the huge world to your liking, making for a lengthy and entertaining experience. It isn’t much different from II, but that isn’t much of a problem when the last game was so great. A few surprises pop up to with the inclusion of vehicle based missions and a rather neat few missions towards the end of the game which makes you feel like a god.

There are a few problems though with AssBro and these moments make it a slightly inferior experience to II. Glitches are all over the place with guards sticking through walls, quest objectives not activating and people running off buildings to name but a few I witnessed. Maybe I was just unlucky, but having to start the game about three times because of these problems is not really on. The game’s story also has a rather rushed feeling as the last chapter just kinda happens with little build up or explanation. A killer cliffhanger ending makes up for it, but it seems more time should have been put into this build up, perhaps at the expense of some of the padding near the start. It is a great game which astonishes me on how they can churn these out each year with such a high standard.And that is AssBro… multiplayer you say?

Uh huh, this time the game brings about an online mode which pits assassin against assassin in a game of hide and seek. You take it in turns hiding and attacking which makes for an incredibly exciting and exhilarating game of cat and mouse. Sitting on a bench as you see the hunter slowly approaching is a little scary for sure. With a number of perks and abilities to access there is plenty of depth and the whole thing would be a killer online experience if it didn’t take so damn long to find a game. Hopefully they will sort that out next time.



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