Guzzle Puzzle

The Guzzle Puzzle, combine one sweet and another to make a glorious concoction. Making bubblegum flavour with the power of combination. Let’s… COMBINE! Mmm, tastes like raspberry.

The pack contains two parts to combine. One Hula Hoop design and another Dummy design. When the Hula Hoop meets the Dummy the two different tastes create something new and exciting. Like mixing paint, but in the mouth. They remind me a little of my childhood sweetheart, the Space Invader crisps, which allow you to connect the wheels to the body, though it only changes how much you get in your mouth rather than the taste.

As for the taste, well… hmm… tastes like raspberry. It all tastes like raspberry! No matter what I put together it all tasted exactly the same to me and probably to you. A set of gummy sweets living together in a bag makes their smells pass off to one another and the whole puzzle is why these even exist. The slotting effect isn’t even that satisfying, should have made a squeaking noise. Or a click. A click would be good.

As for the combinations:

Raspberry + Lime = Raspberry

Orange + Banana = Raspberry

Lime + Cinnamon = Raspberry

Banana + Raspberry = Raspeberry



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