Bleach Volume 35: Higher Than The Moon

Bleach Volume 35: Higher Than The Moon
Story and Art: Tite Kubo
Release Date: 3rd October 2008
Covers Chapters 306-315
Shonen Jump /Viz Media

Cleanup in Heuco Mundo! The Espada are falling like flies and it just leaves brute captain Kenpachi versus tough skinned Nnoitora before everyone can go home and eat some cake. Perhaps. Nothing is ever straight forward in the world of Bleach after all…

Kenpachi versus Nnoitora is the main meat of the volume and it is one ferocious battle. Blood is shed, arms are dropped and a spot of kendo takes place for some brutal damage. Events and actions may be painfully slow on a weekly basis when it comes to a fight which involves brute force as a key tactic, but in a volume it is a display of style and grace. Power ups may fall out of the sky and the back and forth nature is a touch predictable yet any fight involving the spiky haired Kenpachi is always a popcorn munching thrill. It ends with an essence of morbid beauty too. Kubo may not be the best writer, but he knows how to make something incredibly cool.

The end is near. The end is far. Two comments towards the end of the volume which give insight on where this arc is going. With the battles in the Hollow desert over it seems things should be wrapping up, but one giant plot twist breaks through and chucks everything around. The battle is only beginning and things are only going to get tougher for our heroes. An exciting spanner in the works for an arc which was struggling with predictability and pace. At least it can keep its cool, no matter what happens. Four Arms For Killing You. Quite.


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