Mars Triple Choc Limited Edition

The Mars Bar. Thick and packed full of chocolatey goodness. One is just right, a King Size pushes the limits, two Mars bars is too much. How does the triple swing? The promise of triple layered Mars is too much to resist, yet have that sickly squelching feeling before even opening the thing. Can any human being enjoy this dangerous sugar intake without passing out into a sugar induced coma? I took a bite for the team.

It starts off looking just as a normal Mars bar would. Does this really contain triple the treat? I held it and felt the weight in my hands before moving in for the kill. It was no heavier, no lighter. It smelt like Mars, looked like Mars. You could easily pass this off to someone has a standard bar then await the reactions when the triple choc seeps into their body. Chomp.

The minute my teeth tucked into the soft bar, the gooey chocolate burst through  and shook my body to the core. I nearly tripped, lost my balance and took a slip. The chocolate was heavy, all-powerful and took command. After each bite I had to take a ten minute break to tackle this monstrosity,  So freaking sickly, so destructive. As I lost my will after each piece, I swore I could hear the bar cackling away. After everyone devoured his friends, triple comes along to make you his bitch.

Too much chocolate felt like an impossibility. But here we see nothing is impossible. Nothing. A limited edition for the better good of mankind.


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