WESC Snare

The Snare was too much to resist. A sleek sci-fi design pulled me in, and the not so monstrous price of forty quid had me rushing to the check out. My fourth pair of large headphones, let’s rock! Or dance, or disco.

The Snare is a thing of beauty. It has a narrow body in comparison to the gigantic headphones I’ve worn in the past, and the curved square ear pieces are sexy and comfy. The plastic reflect the world around and the rubber softens the blow of the music marching out into the lobes. The design is finished off with a wire which looks a bit like a flat worm biting at the corner of the Snare. The headphones don’t scream for attention in a way the rectangle Alp Horn WESC design does, but they have that quiet confidence.

Any faults come with the sound quality being maxed out, as the Snare loses control and just parps the tunes out in an uncomforting way. It manages to maintain a rather solid balance if you power it down a little, but The Snare has more looks than it does bite. Keep it level, keep it cool.


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