The September 2011 Slipstream

Bang! At home. Bang! In Liverpool. Bang! In class. Bang! 22. Bang! September ends. Enough with the shooting from place to place, please. It caused my world to go black and white when the Nerf bullets hit my head, then I looked like one of those pretentious jerks who like to go monochrome with acoustic. At least I don’t have a beard yet. Bang! Beard.

September began the final year of university then and I don’t like to think about it. I also left the youthful 21 and I don’t like to talk about it. It seems grim times are ahead, but in reality things may never have been better. Grasping a gold-fish bowl full of potential, I’ll crack it open and drown in little fishes. The flat is nice, the sun is lovely. Class only just began this month, so little is known how things will progress from there, but I’m feeling optimistic. An optimistic pessimist, my headache has become prehistoric and the colour bursts back. Phew, black and white is no place to be.


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