Axel And Pixel

Axel And Pixel
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 800 ms points
Genre: Point And Click
Release Date: 14th October 2009
Silver Wish Games, 2K Play

Axel And Pixel are stuck in a dream. The evil rat mutant thing has stolen the key to awakening and the artist and his dog must go around clicking things to wake up! Welcome to their weird and wonderful world of scary creatures and lush scenery. No idea why they’d want to wake up from this.

Playing as the artist, Axel, you must figure out what to do in each game screen to advance. Some strange thing such as a giant tortoise with tank wheels, a huge dino skeleton and a scrap yard full of junk amongst others always seem to get in their way, and the artist and dog duo must click the screen in every nook and cranny to find a solution past these obstacles. The solutions tend to be bizarre contraptions crafted from our artistic hero as he combines part of the world together, and the animations are glorious, providing laughs and smiles aplenty. The world they explore is incredibly beautiful, a mixture of surreal dream like designs and real world photography make for a memorable trip. The game is one of the most striking titles I’ve ever played and I was incredibly upset when it all vanished so quickly.

The game is short and simple. Solutions tend to be just clicking everything and there were very few moments were I’d actually have to pause and think. The only time the clicking stops if partaking in the three vehicle based mini games, which are a lot of fun but short and simple like the rest of it all. The games difficulty and short length don’t make for a fantastic game, but the compelling art and animation make up for any gameplay shortcomings. Which is a little odd when you take a game into account. Gameplay should be what makes a good game, but this example of art is such a joy to witness and watch, it actually feels okay that the game isn’t grinding to halts with difficult puzzles and padding. Axel and Pixel may not be a touch to simple, but the magnificent world the designers have dreamt up make it worth a visit. If only all dreams were this sweet.



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